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Day 1.

Arrival in Yakutsk. Pick up from the airport, transfer to the hotel, check in. Lunch.

Sightseeing tour around Yakutsk. Yakutsk is one of the oldest Siberian cities.  It was founded in 1632 as a Russian Cossacks’ fortress on the bank of the newly discovered wild area. The city interweaves archaic and modern features with its old wooden houses and Russian orthodox churches combining with sparkling glass facades of modern  buildings. Guests will see the old district, unique 116.6 meters deep Shergin shaft, University campus, river port. They will get acquainted with the history of Russian explorers who started their expeditions in the far East from Yakutsk.

Visit to the Mammoth museum. It is a unique museum which represents a collection of fossils of the ice period.


Day 2.

Breakfast. Visit to the Museum of History and Culture of the Northern Peoples, which has the vast historic, ethnographic, natural and archaeological collections. Lunch.


Visit to  “YtykKhaya” ethno complex, where guests will get to know a lot about the Yakut traditions and rituals, see authentic Yakut utensils, hear sounds of the Yakut national instrument – khomus.

In winter time it possible to ride dog sled in ChochurMurancentre, payment on site.


Visit to Kingdom of Permafrost, it is an ice tunnel within the hill in suburbs of Yakutsk. In winter the temperature here is constantly -10C, in summer it is -4C. In several underground halls one can find a plenty of ice sculptures, touch permafrost soil,  find remains  of mammoth and other fossils. Dinner.

Day 3.

Visit the “Treasury of the Sakha Republic” museum, displaying a great collection of nuggets of gold, platinum, silver, natural diamonds, wonderful works of Yakut jewelry masters, mammoth tusk carvers etc.

Visit to a diamond cutting plant. Shopping in jewelry and souvenir shops.Lunch.



Day 4.

Breakfast. Enjoy a day tour to the beautiful Lena Pillars (in summer  time the trip is by boat, in winter time by car). This trip is exciting either in summer or in winter when the car will ride on the 2 meters  deep ice.  Lena Pillars Nature Park is a remarkable place under UNESCO protection with spectacular rock pillars that reach a height of approximately 100 m along the banks of the Lena River. They were formed by the region’s extreme continental climate with an annual temperature range of almost 100 degrees Celsius (from –60 °C in winter to +40 °C in summer). The pillars form rocky buttresses isolated from each other by deep and steep gullies developed by frost shattering directed along intervening joints. Dinner.

Day 5.



group of 2 persons: 1 160 USD per person

group of 4 persons: 820 USD per person

group of 6 persons: 705 USD per person

group of 8 persons: 670 USD per person

The cost includes: accommodation,  FB  meals, transportation, English or Korean speaking guide, transfers, entry tickets to museums and other tourist objects as per program, full-day trip to the Lena Pillars.

Extra-payment for the SLG room: 125 USD


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